2022 YLC – Daily Drum #4


FRONT PAGE: Green cover with text: “Introducing Team D” YLC logo is centered with two sticks of leaves. Text on the bottom: “YLC Daily Drum by Team D’.

PAGE 2: Title: “The Very First Day by River Abrams-Gay”. Article: “It was a bright sunny day when we woke up on our first day of camp. We were confused when we were assigned with a random group of people until someone came to us and said, “that’s your team, D.” We looked at each other, disappointed, and were unfamiliar with each other. We had no chemistry . We fought a lot and was placed fourth out of all the LEAD teams. Envious of other teams and their bond, we kept going. We knew our time will come. However, on another sunny day, there was an eventful challenge where our teamwork changed big time. We learned, laughed, rose, and bonded with each other. We realized teamwork is the key to everything. Now our bond is stronger than ever. Yesterday, we found out that we won multiple first and second places for various YLC activities, including team spirit, pizza topping debate, and improv training. We looked at each other and smiled with pride.”

Title: “Social Justice Workshop by Shaila Sams” Article: “On July 6, we had a workshop on the topic of social justice. My team had a good open discussion about the importance of social justice and the privileges we possess. I am glad we had this conversation because I get to learn more and see different perspectives from my teammates, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic that made a huge impact on all of us. A lot of things and lives had changed, including mine.”

Title: “Guest Speaker by Shaila Sams and Chang-May Tan” Article: “Our guest speaker of the day was Noel King, a Queer Korean American female, who discussed emotional intelligence and embracing intersectionality. Noel kicked off her workshop with color meditation techniques to allow leaders and campers to visualize emotions such as happiness, anger, and grief into colors of our choice— a new and unfamiliar concept for me. She pointed out that everyone has different color interpretations of the same emotion and that was acceptable. This brief activity was intended to gradually dive in deeper with societal acceptance of our emotions and identities. We wrote down a web diagram of our age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language & communication skills, political beliefs, family, future job, and education. I really enjoyed watching her talk about emotional intelligence. It is something that I am starting to learn about. Noel also gave good advice on how to use our coping skills to calm down when we are upset or during anxiety attacks. Overall, everyone enjoyed her presentation and we look forward to more activities like that!”

PAGE 3: A group photo of Team D is centered. There are cropped images of individual images scattered around the team photo.