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Jessica Willoughby
Winner, 2022

This revamped competition (to be renamed but currently called Youth Ambassador Program) gives an opportunity to aspiring deaf and hard of hearing leaders to bring their vision to life and possibly win prize money! This pitch competition is for deaf and hard of hearing youth, ages 18 to 30, within the deaf community, and currently residing in the United States. Contestants will compete against each other to pitch the best idea of a social issue, business idea, or a startup concept. The prize money will be invested in your idea!

During the competition, the contestants will:

  • Attend a retreat prior the NAD Conference
  • Participate at the NAD Conference
  • Enhance presentation skills
  • Engage in networking opportunities
  • Develop teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Transform into effective advocates
  • Translate innovation into action
  • Commit to making an impact on behalf of the deaf and hard of hearing community

The next competition will take place at #NAD2024 in Chicago, Illinois from July 1 – July 6, 2024. Email [email protected] if you have questions!

Winner receives $7,500!

2nd place receives $5,000!

3rd place receives $2,500!

text: "Competition Rounds". From L to R: Blue circle with "one" handshape, text: "The Hot Seat, Private interviews & observation during the NAD Conference", 2nd pink circle with "two" handshape, text: "Pitch and Network, Mingle with the audience and pitch during the Competition FInal, audience will vote for their favorite!" Third green circle has "three" handshape with text: "The Vision, Top contestants will present their platform during the Competition Final."