Jr. NAD Bylaws
Download the Bylaws (as of 10/22/2014)

Jr. NAD Slogan

Joining nourishes adult development.

Jr. NAD Motto

Promoting the tomorrow of all the deaf by working with the deaf youth of today.

Jr. NAD Creed

We believe:

That Junior NAD program is the outstanding textbook helper of the school;

That Ultimate educational goals are attainable through motivation;

That National competition and recognition promote maximum excellence;

That Initiative is the best vehicle for realization of maximum potential;

That Opportunities for total development are greater in group situations;

And that Resourcefulness and enthusiasm make a more complete deaf person.

That Never ceasing advocacy strengthens the position of the deaf community;

That Appreciation and respect for nature helps guide an adolescent into becoming a well-rounded leader;

And that Deaf people truly can do anything that they set their minds upon.