2022 YLC: Daily Drum #5

FRONT PAGE: The background is an image of a dock by a lake surrounded in woods. Text on top: “July 2022 Edition, Issue 2, YLC Team L presents…” Text on centered left: “Featuring… Abigail Anne Advisor: Find out Team L’s tips and advice!” Text on the right: “Which Activity Are You? Take our quiz to find out which YLC activity matches you.” YLC logo is on the bottom.

PAGE 2: Title: “Which Activity Are You? Follow the lines that match your personality!”

Text: “You love to hunt, fish, and go camping – Nature Freak – OLS! Outdoor Living Skills”

“You are creative and love all eyes on you! – So Hollywood – Drama/ Deaf Studies”

“You love to learn about others! – Tea Sesh – Discovery”

“You love to write, design, and film! – Media Genius – Daily Drum”

PAGE 3: Text: “Tips of the Day: Hello, I am Abigail Anne Advisor hailing from Team L. I provide direct and concise advice to YLC campers who may be struggling with any challenge at YLC. Disclaimer: Do not take any of those following advice to heart. This is merely for humor purposes.”

Comment box #1: “Q: I keep forgetting my water bottle in my cabin. How can I remember to bring it with me during the day? A: A: Sleep with it. Hug it like it’s your teddy bear you have since you were three.”

Comment box #2: “Q: I’m struggling with my team members, we just can’t agree to anything. Any advice? A: Learn how to agree to disagree.”

Comment box #3: “Q: I’m always tired during the workshop presentations, but I really want to pay attention. How can I make sure I stay awake? A: Step one: stand up on your chair. Step two: flap your arms like a bird. Step three: scream as loud as you can. Step four: jump on the stage. Step five: do a hundred push-ups. I guarantee you will feel like you drank five cups of coffee afterward.”