2022 YLC – Daily Drum #3


FRONT PAGE: All Leaders of Team E are huddled together, looking down at the camera. Text on top: “Team E & Daily Drum Presents”. YLC logo is placed on the bottom right corner.

PAGE 2: Title: “Events that Occurred on July 4th” “On the 4th of July…” by Jada Zarembka. Article: “On the fourth of July, we all went hiking at the Silver Falls State Park. We walked about 3.2 miles on different terrains. When we got to our destination at the top of the Silver Falls, we had the option of either swimming in freezing freshwater or going to a cafe nearby. Most of us went to the cafe since all of us were very hungry after the long and exhausting hike. The wait was incredibly long, but sure enough, we got our food in the end. The delicious food was worth the wait. All of the teams were supposed to have a chance to do their play to show their team name, team sign, motto, and skit. Unfortunately, not every team had a chance to show their play since time was up and the busses arrived. Eventually, A and D teams had a chance to perform. We left Silver Falls and arrived back at camp in time for dinner. It was definitely a blast day for all of us!”

Title: “Starry Night by Aliza Selzer” Article: “After a long day of hiking and swimming in refreshing but very cold water at Silver Falls, the leaders and the builders went back to Camp Taloali to get ready for the fireworks. We all rode the bus to get to Stayton High School’s football field to watch loud, fascinating, and colorful fireworks all night. We got there at around 9:30 pm. While waiting, we played games, chat, laughed, and chilled together after a very busy week we had at YLC. The fireworks were definitely one of the most beautiful things we have seen since our arrival! They lasted for about 45 minutes starting at around 10 pm and ending at 10:45 pm. As we headed back to Camp, bedtime was extended by a very long time. It’s supposed to be at 10 pm… but with all the delays we ended up getting back to the camp at 11 pm! We were all very exhausted after a very busy but fun day!”

PAGE 3: Text: “Exclusive Interview with Ivy Dorman” Article: “Bri Berrigan: This year is Bri’s first time at YLC! She applied to be a Leader during her early years but got on the waitlist. Luckily, Bri was able to join us this year! Q: Was this camp just like she imagined it? Especially all FOUR of her siblings came here at one point? A: ‘No but in a good way.’ She believes she wasn’t meant to be a leader of sorts in high school but now she is meant to be one. In fact, she’s happy with the way her life has turned out and how it worked out overall. Q: Favorite thing about being a builder? A: She enjoys being closer with the deaf community and seeing others like her due to the fact that it doesn’t happen day to day often.”

Text: “Jai Dortch: Jai was once a Leader and is a Builder this year. When we asked which experience was better, Jai mentioned that the experience was equal. As a Leader, she enjoyed improving her skills and experiencing new opportunities. As a Builder, she enjoyed that she was able to pass the experience of going to YLC on to younger generations and being able to help out the Leaders. We asked if Jai had any expectations as a Builder. Jai mentioned that she didn’t have any but knew that she had to be firm and flexible at the same time so the leaders can enjoy their time here just like how she did when she was younger. Her favorite thing about being a builder is getting to know the leaders by playing with them, talking with them, and finding out how the leaders would respond to the events that they have organized.”

Text: “Landen Gonzales and Elizabeth Jones: Elizabeth Jones came to YLC to gain some new experience, to improve herself as a person, and to make new friends. Landen Gonzales came here to become a better leader and team player. Elizabeth’s favorite part about YLC so far has been the activities and hiking at Silver Falls. Landen, on the other hand, is very social and he loves talking and meeting new friends. When they were asked about their least favorite part of YLC, Elizabeth mentioned the limited shower time, which we understand. Landen mentioned the stress when facing team challenges.”