The NAD YAP competition is an intensive, and challenging journey for the contestants on the national level. The NAD encourages state/ local associations and affiliated organizations to organize an event or contest to determine individuals that will represent you at the NAD YAP competition. This parallels how state associations hosted pageants to determine their representatives for the NAD Miss Deaf America competition.

State/local associations and affiliated organizations are not expected to duplicate the NAD YAP competition to select a winner. There are many ways to choose your YAP representative. Your organization can host a formal or an informal event to determine the winner.

Here are two main competition suggestions:

  1. Host a formal competition: invite interested participants to compete in your state or local YAP competition by going through three competition rounds. The three rounds can include the following tasks for participants:
    • Submit competition applications, including videos
    • Appear for an interview (either in-person or through videophone)
    • Perform on-stage at the state association or affiliate organization conference and/or events
  2. Host an informal competition (especially if you have a limited budget), where you ask interested participants to submit applications with videos. You can select your association or organization representative based on the applications and videos.

Note: review the criteria for contestants 

Your association/organization will also be recognized during the competition. We encourage you to come up with the best fit for your association or organization to select YAP representatives that will attend the NAD Conference to participate in the national YAP competition and win the grand prize! 

Keep in mind, your organization will be responsible to send your representative to the NAD Conference. Your organization will need to establish a financial agreement with your representative. The expected expenses will include the YAP retreat, NAD Conference registration, lodging, and per diem.

Once you have selected your organization’s representative, please contact [email protected] for further instructions.