2022 YLC: Daily Drum #2


FRONT PAGE: The background is split into two colors: green and blue. Text on top: “Daily Drum”. YLC logo is centered. Text on the bottom: “Introducing Team A! Credits: Team A”.

PAGE 2: Individual photos with names. 1st row, L to R: Jaden Goff, Ragde Primero, and Kieran Vollmar. 2nd row, L to R: Ducati Camacho, Molly Gershon, and Jessie Pascua. 3rd row, L to R: Sara Hopkins, Ryan Kennedy, and Arabella Bielucke. 4th row, L to R: Keanu Herzig-Wilcox, Antonia Phillips, and Jayden Diaz. Last row, L to R: Kaylee Sweet, Shaelyn Johnson, and Kallie Ruggieri.

PAGE 3: Title: “Our First Day”. Article: “It was a sunny day in Camp Taloali. The campground wasn’t quite lively. In fact, it was empty until the school bus arrived with 61 deaf teenagers whom were excited for something that was coming in their way. All young adults swarmed at the Leadership Hall. The campground was finally complete with energetic teenagers. The teenagers dropped their baggage at their assigned cabins. They, once again, met in the Leadership Hall for further instruction from adults who are formally known as the “Builders”. They told us that we, the teenagers, are “Leaders”. A Builder gave me a colored card which contains answer to a question. I searched around for matching my answer to a question and that was when I met Kieran. Then we gave each other fun facts about us. The activity gave us an opportunity to meet new people. Then, Builders gave us a cropped picture of a person. Again, we needed to find other people to match the cropped paper. That led me to meet Arabella and Sara. The next phase was called “I Say Go.” We, again, grouped up with another group for a game of I Say Go. I Say Go is a interesting yet a fun game. It brings out leaders’ spirit. When you start I Say Go, you have a choice, using “B” sign on either top left or right of your chest. That direction will go to another player. That player need to use “B” sign on their left or right waist. When the player decides on the direction, another players have a choice, pointing on any players in a circle. Then, the cycle repeats. Sounds like a simple game, right? Wait until you try it out! This heavily beloved game of YLC just really brings people to be together and have fun. Apparently, cabin W, O, R, K loves the game. They continued to play I Say Go throughout the day until their bedtime. Credit: Team A”