2022 YLC: Daily Drum #7


FRONT PAGE: The background is a blurred image of trees by a lake. Text: “Team Calzone Presents Daily Drum, YLC 2022, Issue 7”. There is a YLC logo on the bottom left.

PAGE 2: There is a circle on top of an image of grass. Title: “Windy Beach Day by Aliza Selzer and Bella Finkle” Article: “YLC campers went to the city of Newport yesterday. We had the opportunity to shop for so many different things. Most of the leaders bought sweatshirts and shirts to remember the sunny Newport Bay, Oregon. We ate lunch there and enjoyed the afternoon exploring the Newport pier. Then, we all went to the beach, which was about twenty minutes drive from the pier. We rode across the Newport bridge and saw the whole town. At last, we arrived the beach. To our surprise, it was cold and windy, and the water was freezing. Almost all of the leaders jumped into the freezing water and stayed for seconds. The wind was so strong, making the water colder. The sand blew everywhere. Almost all our stuff was covered with sand! We decided to go up higher where it was less windy. The teams L, A, and D practiced their play and performed. Team A finally got their team name approved. They are now called “Perseverance”. Each of our teams had a sandcastle competition. After that, we took a traditional YLC picture by making the acronym “Y L C” on the beach. We ended our day with a cookout then rode a long way back to Camp Taloali!”

PAGE 3: Pink background. There is an image of a Calzone. Title: “How Team Calzone Was Created! By Jada Zarembka”. Article: “Team E was put together under a very weird condition. We had this game where all of us, 15 people, were separated into two groups and every time the tarp, hanged between the two people, dropped, we had to name the person who is sitting in front of us. It was a fun game to play until the Builders announced the fact that we are actually a team. That was the moment we learned we are Team E. Out of the blue, we started a team debate on whether pineapples fit in pizzas or not. After the debate, we all felt so connected with the discussion… We almost named ourselves team “pizzas”. But we agreed that it does not look like an empowering team name, so we decided to be the “CALZONE”. Calzone represents all of us- different toppings representing diverse personalities, fonts, stories, looks, and opinions. All the toppings are melted together in a calzone. We had to create a play to show to the Builders and the rest of the leaders to see if they approved the “CALZONE” team name. The play was about two pizzerias who were given a chance of winning 100K if they created the most delicious pizza. However, the twist was that there was only one dough. Both pizzerias fought to get the dough. Fortunately, the narrator interrupted and proposed we join in together and create a calzone with both pizzerias’ toppings. At last, our slogan is “There is no I in CALZONE”. Our motto is “No matter what toppings you are, you will always be included.” We got our motto, slogan, team name, and team sign name approved in the end!”

PAGE 4: Blue background with white outlined graphics. There is a photo of Casey at the fireside. Title: “Fireside With Casey Johnson-Pasqua by Ivy Dorman” Article: “Casey grew up with hearing parents and a deaf sibling. She fell in love with acting when being on stage for the first time. I met her two years ago at the Gallaudet Academic Bowl competition. We eventually figured out that we had a few things in common such as coming from Edmonds Woodway. We, coincidentally, happened to be involved in a play production that had the same teacher. Casey once mentioned that she was most likely the first deaf person to enter play production in the area. So, that might mean that I am the second Deaf person. Wow! I asked her what is her favorite thing about that class… Predictably, she answered,” Mr. Mindt.” I fully agree with her since he was one of a kind teacher who is easy to get along with kids, likes to joke around, and has a unique sense of humor. Casey and I share the same kind of love and respect for him. When Casey was talking about her upbringing, she mentioned that before YLC, she used to be not open to the idea of going to a deaf school before going to YLC. After YLC, her mindset changed because she wanted to go to Gallaudet University. At Gallaudet, she fell in love with their theatre program because she felt included when performing within the deaf community.”

PAGE 5: Purple background with two images of 1) Nori with Cotton (a white dog) and 2) a close-up of Cotton. Title: “Interview with Nori Rittenhouse and Cotton by Chloe Willey-Saunders and Bella Finkle” Article: “Cotton: Q: How is the weather? A: Cotton wags her tail (says very good). Q: Did you enjoy the water yesterday? A: The water was cold but I enjoyed the breeze! Q: How does the grass here taste? A: Very good!! I don’t enjoy barfing it up after though.” Another article: “Nori: Q: What goal do you hope to achieve at YLC? A: My goal is to carry on my work from ADWAS to the experience and environment of YLC. Q: Q: How do Oregon and Washington differ? A: Oregon has a country feel. Washington is somewhat busier and has the city life feel. Q: What are some of the things you enjoy the most at YLC? A: Hanging out with different people! The Olympic day was definitely the most enjoyable moment here.”

PAGE 6: The background is an illustration of pine trees under the clouds and sun. Text on top: “Learn more about Team Calzone! By Landen Gonzales. There is a transparent blue box in the center of the page. Text on the blue box: “I am left-handed!’ -Bella F., ‘I have touched 42 states so far!’ -Jada Z., ‘My birthday is on February 14!’ -Landen G., ‘I have a blue mark on my left eye.’ Aliza S., ‘I value sleeping more than anything else!’ -Ivy D., ‘I love eating spicy food!’ -Mairam D., ‘I have two mothers.’ -Max H., ‘I actually came to Camp Taloali when I was 6!’-Violet G., ‘I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate.’-Coffey K., ‘I have Pendred Syndrome!’ -Jonah J-J., ‘I never broke a single bone in my body!’ -Adrian R., ‘I was adopted when I was little.’ -Zoe R., ‘I hate watching movies.’ -Elizabeth J., ‘I had every color dyed on my hair.’ -Chloe S., ‘I can pop my hands 35 times.’ -Manuel P.”