2022 YLC: Daily Drum #6


FRONT PAGE: Yellow background with text: “Team A, Daily Drum”. YLC logo is centered. Texts around the logo: “July 2022, Issue 6, YLC/ Jr. NAD” Text on the bottom: “DIY Flower Crown, Learn how to make a flower crown with flowers from nature.” “The Art of Community Service: Look inside to see the story of the trip to Food Share Warehouse. Be careful because the tea is really hot.”

PAGE 2: Title: “DIY Flower Crown” Article: “Here at YLC, there are a variety of flowers all over the campground. Some people would use them to decorate their hair by inserting them into their braids. However, that would take some time. What if you DIY. a flower crown? It’s wearable, customizable, and fun to make! All you need are bundles of flowers and patience.

  1. Gather flowers, preferably few flowers with long stems and many with approximately 3 inches stems. Make sure to leave some for the bees.
  2. Start with a flower with the longest stem (to make it easier) and place the second flower on top. Wrap the second flower’s stem around the first stem (behind and over) and lay it flat.
  3. Repeat with other flowers until it reaches a desired length.
  4. To complete the crown, overlap both ends and place another flower on top. Wrap the flower stem around several times and tuck the end into the flower crown. If it does not feel secure, add more flowers and repeat.
  5. Wear it with pride.”

An image of a flower crown is on the bottom of the page.

PAGE 3: Title: “The Art of Community Service” Article: “A school bus arrived at the parking lot by a food bank warehouse. Many teenagers in blue shirts came out of the school bus. We stood there while the coordinator explained what is community service and how it works at the food bank. Then, we finally entered the warehouse and the first thing we see are vegetables! Carrots. Radish. Potatoes. However, for me, the smell of the warehouse reminds me of Home Depot. We began to work after the coordinator instructed us what to do. Some people in Group A focused on carrots. Few people in Group L focused on potatoes. There was a mix of Team L and A for the radishes. I grabbed the carrots and put them in a bag with the label then used a wire to secure the package. Then I repeated the process for 2 hours. I was so focused on carrots that time flew, I felt it was 1 hour or 30 minutes. Interestingly, when I focused on bagging carrots, it helped me to clear my mind. It made me feel calm and peaceful, knowing this carrot will go to a family in need of food. As for the other groups, their process seemed more complex. For instance, the radish – you had to count radishes while checking it for bad, dirty, black spots. When I tried doing it, I forgot the number while I was checking bad spots. However, I noticed that this process encouraged teamwork because I saw two people working together: one person counted while another person checked for bad spots. There is another kind of community service which E and D team did. at the community garden. It was mostly about farming, which I don’t have much knowledge of. One person said they enjoyed it when they picked out weeds and plants. In the end, we finished our work and rode the school bus to the laundromat. When YLC ends, I would check out community service opportunities in my city. Maybe, to clear my mind or just to feel helpful. I recommend you to check community service in your city too. Make a difference in your hometown.”

There is an image of the food bank building with Marion Polk Food Share logo.