Jr. NADmag Winter 2022 Issue

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FRONT PAGE: The background is an image of the Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, RI. Text on top: “Winter 2022, Jr. NADmag”. Jr. NAD logo is placed on on the center right. Text on the bottom of the page: “Created by Rhode Island School for the Deaf Jr. NAD Chapter”. 

PAGE TWO: Background is blue. Text is in thick white font. Text: “Table of Contents”. 

Body: “3 – Welcome to Rhode Island, 4 – A Letter to Jr. NADers, 5 – Meet RISD Jr. NAD Officers, 6 – Deaf Organization Spotlight, 8 – History, 9 – Hidden Gems, 12 – Fun Facts, 13 – Ionic Foods, 14 – What’s so wonderful about RI?, 15 – Jr. NAD Accomplishments. This Jr. NADmag was created by Vincent “Gino”Miller.”

PAGE THREE: Blue background with text on top: “Welcome to Rhode Island” There are four photos of Rhode Island. Photo 1: a scenic view of Providence. Photo 2: An infographic map of Rhode Island with its cities. Photo 3: A sign that says “Discover Beautiful Rhode Island”. Photo 4: A clip art of Rhode Island State symbols: Quahaug shells, Rhode Island state flag, Rhode Island Red bird, Red maple leaf, Rhode Island Greening Apple, Striped Bass fish, and a violet flower. 

PAGE FOUR: Background is blue with a photo of Rhode Island School for the Deaf campus. There is a Rooster logo with text: “A welcome letter from Jr. NAD Co-Presidents” 

Body text: “Dear Jr. NADers, 

Let’s set the facts straight – Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the United States but we deserve to be recognized. Rhode Island is only 50 miles long and 40 wide, and it takes us within one hour to get from place to place. Can you imagine how small Rhode Island is?! 

In Rhode Island, we have one Deaf school. We are a small state, so we are not a large school. We’re a day school with no dorms. Our mascot is the Rhode Island Reds, a kind of rooster, representing our state bird. A small state and a small school also means a tight-knit community; we are humble yet we are mighty! We seek our dreams to come true. To us, RISD Jr. NADers, Rhode Island is a very special place – an unknown and unique gem, especially RISD. In our Deaf community, we’re a family that has a safe space compared to the big hearing world – there’s no judgment, it feels like a safe wonderland! 

This is why this issue will focus on the wonderful state of Rhode Island and our Jr. NAD accomplishments.  Hey, we are also known for famous Del’s Lemonade, Olneyville NY System hot wieners, Udder Delight Ice Cream, clam cakes, calamari, and lobster rolls (learn more in this issue). Check these gems out whenever you are in or passing through Rhode Island (or perhaps, you can visit us)! 


Hunter Fasteson and Mercedes D’Ambra

RISD Jr.NAD Co-Presidents”

PAGE FIVE: Background is an image of a sailboat by the bridge with a sunset. Text on top: “RISD Jr. NAD Officers”. There are photos of the officers along with their names, role, and grade. 

1st row, L to R: “Hunter Fasteson, Co President, Senior”, “Mercedes D’Ambra, Co-President, Junior”, and “Daury Almonte, Vice President, Senior”

2nd row: L to R: “Vincent ‘Gino’ Miller, Secretary, Senior”, “Darianny Severino, Assistant Secretary, Freshman”, “Jaiden Francis, Treasurer and Event Chairperson, Freshman”

3rd row: L to R: “Melissa Estrada-Giron, Sergeant at Arms, Senior”, “Neveah Robinson, SErgant at Arms, Sophomore”

4th row: L to R: “Deba Pietsch, Co-Advisor”, “Cassey Ellis, Co-Advisor”

PAGE SIX: Background is blue. Header: “Local Organization Spotlight” 

There is a list of organizations along with their logos and their site. Listed in order: 

Text: “Rhode Island School for the Deaf (https://rideaf.ri.gov/), The Alumni Association of Rhode Island School for the Deaf (https://m.facebook.com/people/Alumni-Association-of-the-Rhode-Island-School-for-the-Deaf/100080671261384/), Rhode Island Association of the Deaf (https://www.riadeaf.org/), Rhode Island Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (http://www.cdhh.ri.gov/), Rhode Island Deaf Senior Citzen Raymond Nilford, President ([email protected]), Cape Cod Deaf Sailing (https://www.deafwebconnections.org/ccds/index.html)” 

Text on the bottom: “If you visit Rhode Island and need D/HH services, check out this list: http://www.cdhh.ri.gov/information-referral/ri-resource-directory.php

PAGE SEVEN: A flyer from NAD Youth programs with dark blue background and a silhouette of a campsite. Youth Leadership Logo is placed on top. Text: “2023 Youth Leadership Camp, When: June 26 – July 21, 2023, Where: Camp Taloali, Stayton, Oregon, Who: Deaf & Hard of Hearing sophomores and juniors, Why: Spend your summer in the Pacific Northwest while building your leadership skills and more!, How: Apply by January 15, 2023, youth.nad.org/ylc” 

PAGE EIGHT: Background is blue. Text: “History of Rhode Island” There is a timeline on the left of the page, text in order: “1500s – Five indigenous groups lived in Rhode Island when the European settlers came: the Pequots, the Nipmucs, the Niantics, the Narragansetts, and the Wampanoags. 

1790- Rhode Island became the 13th state.

1876 – Rhode Island School for the Deaf was established.

1891-1901-Rhode Island State House opened.

1897 –  Rhode Island State flag adopted.

1969 – Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge opened between Jamestown and Newport.

1975 – RISD moved to the new location on Corliss Park.

1977 – Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was established.

2009-2010 – RISD’s old building was torn down, and a new state-of-the-art building now exists.” 

On the right, there is a collage of four photos, in order: Rhode Island, Rhode Island State House, Flag, and Newport Bridge now Caliborine Pell Bridge.

PAGE NINE – ELEVEN: Background is blue. Text: “Hidden Gems of Rhode Island” There are photos of each site. Listed in order of appearance: Federal Hill District, WaterFire Lighting, Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, Old Slater Mill, Big Blue Bug, Roger Williams Park, Hasbro Headquarters, Providence Athenaeum, Millionaire Row on Bellevue Ave, Cliff Walk, The Providence Riverwalk, Westminster Street Historical District, Mohegan Bluffs, Taylor Swift’s mansion on Watch Hill, International Tennis Hall of Fame, Modern Diner, Newport Tower, John H. Chafee Nature Preserve, The Biltmore Hotel, Colt State Park, and Hammersmith Farm.

PAGE TWELVE: Background is white with blue waves on top. Header: “Fun Facts about Rhode Island”. Text: “Rhode Island has 18 lighthouses.” Photo of a Rhode Island lighthouse. 

Text: “Newport, RI is the “sailing capital” of the world.” Photo of a sailboat. 

Text: “Providence is the capital and largest city of Rhode Island.” Photo of buildings in Providence.

Text: “Newport was the first place to operate a ferry service in U.S. in 1673.” A photo of a ferry. 

Text: “Rhode Island’s nickname, “Ocean State,” comes from its 400 miles of coastline. Rhode Island was originally named “Roodt Eylandt” by Dutch explorer Andrian Block which means ‘red island’ because of the red clay on the coastline.” A photo of Rhode Island’s coastlilne. 

Text: “An interesting theory about why Rhode Island is named this way when the state is not even an island. The theory behind the name was when in 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer serving under King Francis I of France, arrived at Aquidneck Island (currently Newport, RI) and remarked that the beauty of the island reminded him of the Isles of Rhodes in Greece.”

PAGE THIRTEEN: Background is blue. Header: “Iconic Foods of Rhode Island”. There are photos with neon blue borders. Photos and text in order: Lobster Rolls, Johnnycakes, New York System Hot Weiners, Del’s Frozen Lemonade, Coffee Milk, Clam Cakes, Doughboys, and Pizza Strips. 

PAGE FOURTEEN: Background is a photo of clouds in the sky. Header: “What’s so wonderful about Rhode Island?” Text: “From RISD: 55 minute drive to Boston, 3.5 hour drive to NYC, 6.5 hour drive to DC or 1 hour flight to DC, 2 International Airports: RI T.F. Green (PVD) – 15 minutes, Boston Logan (BOS) – 45 mins”. There is a photo of a route map on the left. 

On the bottom of the page, additional details are shared. Text: “Close-knit, friendly state and strong local government

Diversity-friendly wide-range communities 

8 Ivy League Schools nearby: Brown University in Providence, RI, Harvard University in, Cambridge (Boston), MA, Dartmouth College, NH, Yale University in New Haven, CT

Princeton University in Princeton, NJ, Columbia University in New York City (NYC), Cornell University In Ithaca, NY, and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 

Rhode Island School of Design is one of the world’s most prestigious art and design schools

Plenty of local farms and farmer markets

Tour by walking, hiking, or biking in most areas

Hundreds of beautiful hiking trails along the Coast

PAGE FIFTEEN: Blue background with red text: “RISD Jr. NAD Accomplishments” 

Body text:

  •  “Attended conferences in Maine, Indiana, Arizona, Florida, Nebraska, Rochester, and Virtual Riverside.
  • Hosted Jr. NAD Region Conferences several times before 2017
  • Partnered with RIAD on events such has ASL Film movie nights. (Wrong Game)
  • Partnered with RIAD to host Art by Mary painting event.
  • Created Jr. NAD bulletin board.
  • Donation drive for pet shelter
  • Attended DGM rally with Jr. NAD students
  • Testified at statehouse for several bills 
  • Jr. NAD student reps presented at RICDHH coffee hour
  • Jr. NAD members attended town hall by NAD (President Wagner) at Bridgewater Community College.
  • Holiday donations to homeless 
  • Hosted plays to elementary school
  • Fundraising for YLC and conferences 
  • Free Throw a Thon
  • Duct Tape the staff to wall 
  • Car Wash
  • Valentine Roses
  • Food Concession Stand
  • Student-made Scented Candles, Masks, and Resin ASL Alphabet molds 
  • Sponsored YLCers.  
  • Hosted Annual School-wide Earth Day activities
  • Hosted Jr NAD Annual Retreats
  • Hosted every spirit week for every sport’s first games.
  • Hosted Pep Rally
  • Special Guest Speakers: Troy Kotsur and Dennis Webster
  • Former Jr. NAD president Tyler Hurteau is selected as current Vice President of NAD Youth Section Board.  
  • Co-presidents, Hunter Fasetson and Mercedes D’Ambra, attended Close-Up 2022.”

PAGE SIXTEEN: Background is a photo of the sea. Text on top: “Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association Soccer Tournament Division II 2022 Champion!! RISD’s first soccer championship in 20 years.” Photo, in the center, description: Soccer team is raising their hands with “1st” handshape along with their trophies on the field. Text below the photo: “*Jr. NAD officers Hunter Fasteson, Mercedes D’Ambra, and Jaiden Francis are on the team*” On the bottom, text: “Dimas Cruz-Garcia, #7, a Jr. NAD member, 2021 NDIAA 8-Man Soccer Player of the Year, Go RISD!”

PAGE SEVENTEEN: The mag ends with a flyer. Text: “Thank you 2022 YLC sponsors” with three sponsors’ logos: Gallaudet University, RIT | National Technical Institute for the Deaf, and Convo. Text on the bottom: “youth.nad.org/ylc”.