Jr.NADmag Spring 2023 Issue

This Jr. NADmag was created by Missouri School for the Deaf’s Jr. NAD Chapter! Click on the issue to view the full issue. Enjoy!


The entire issue has a color brand of dark green, light green, and yellow. Fonts used are “Feeling Passionate”, “Feeling Paint” and “Canva Sans”.


Header text: Jr. NADmag, Spring 2023, Missouri School for the Deaf. There are two photos: on top) black and white photo of the first Jr. NAD chapter officers and bottom) a photo of current Jr. NAD officers. Text in between: “Missouri Jr. NAD Chapter 1962, Fred Gouby, President; Frankie Morris, Vice President; Joan Black, Secretary; and Gene Manion, Treasurer”. Text on the bottom: “Missouri School for the Deaf Jr. NAD Chapter 2023, Trevor Lillard-Morris, President; Ja’Kaida Smith, Vice-President; Miracle Wells, 2nd Vice-President; Isabella Davis, Secretary”

PAGE 2: Table of Contents. Text listed: 3 – A Letter from Missouri School for the Deaf (MSD) Jr. NAD President, 4- MSD 2022-2023 Jr. NAD Chapter, 5 – Jr. NAD Meeting, 6 – Things We Do, 8 – First Jr. NAD Chapter, 9 – More about MSD, 10 – MSD Facts, 12 – Fulton Visitors, 13 – Fulton Facts, 14 – People from Missouri, and 15 – Missouri Facts.

PAGE 3: HEADER: A letter from Missouri School for the Deaf Jr. NAD President

TEXT: Hello! Trevor Lillard-Morris here! I am a third-generation member of Jr. NAD. As President of the Missouri School for the Deaf (MSD) Jr. NAD chapter, I want to start by sharing one honorable FACT about our chapter: In 1962, MSD established the FIRST Jr. NAD chapter ever in its history. It was called “Missouri Jr. NAD chapter”. The picture on the cover shows the first Jr. NAD chapter officers in 1962 and the present officers. You will learn more about our chapter in this issue. Our Jr. NAD chapter and MSD has experienced many firsts. Our town and school might be small, but we are proud of our home. You will learn some fascinating history of MSD and Missouri, including Fulton, in this issue. As you read our stories, I hope you will feel our sense of pride in our community. There is a lot more to Missouri than meets the eye.

Sincerely, Trevor Lillard-Morris, MSD Jr. NAD President, 9th grade (There is a photo of Trevor on the right.)

PAGE 4: HEADER TEXT: MSD 2022-2023 Jr. NAD Chapter. There are photos of each officer with the text of their names, role and grade. Listed in order: Trevor Lillard-Morris, President, 9th grade; Ja’Kaida Smith, Vice – President, 9th grade; Miracle Wells, 2nd Vice- President, 8th grade; Isabella Davis, Secretary, 10th Grade; Heather Dunn, Sponsor; Denna Wolfe, Co-Sponsor and; Lucille Blackwell, Co-Sponsor. A group photo of the Jr. NAD chapter group is on the bottom with text: Front Row: David Hunt, Trevor Lillard-Morris, Ja’Kaida Smith, Miracle Wells, Isabella Davis, and Christina Bobo. Middle Row: Alexus Ashley, Pa Reh, Lindsay Freeman, Rebecca Hull, Layton Boles, and Tracy Austin. Back Row: Jesse Cancinos, Maxwell Samborski, Schandera Moritz, and Mican Luttrell.

PAGE 5: HEADER TEXT: Jr. NAD Meeting. Text: We have meetings every two weeks on Monday when possible. At the meetings, we practice the parliamentary procedure, plan for school parties, have team-building activities and have zoom meetings with other schools and leaders. We have done many things as an organization and with other clubs (Student Council and NHS). In the spring, we are doing a field day for our middle and high school students which we have not had in a long time. There are four photos: 1) a close eup of a student running meeting, 2) students watching a Zoom presentation, 3) a student at a team-building activity, and 4) students working on their projects at their computers.

PAGE 6: HEADER TEXT: Things We Do! A photo collage of different events: School Spirit, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Homecoming Activities, and Blood Drive.

PAGE 7: HEADER TEXT: Things We Do! The photo collage continues with text: “Ice Cream Day, Valentine’s Party, Snow Cones, Blood Drive, Homecoming Pep Rally, and Spring Festival”.

PAGE 8: HEADER TEXT: First Jr. NAD Chapter.

Text: The Missouri School for the Deaf was the first in the nation to form a Jr. NAD chapter. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the members to study and discuss their future responsibilities as deaf citizens. The movement was headed by Marvin Garretson, a NAD Board member and principal of the Montana School for the Deaf at the time.MSD Vocational Principal G. Dewey Coats, second vice president of the NAD, was in attendance at the NAD meeting where the national youth group was organized. The story is that just as soon as he returned to Fulton, he set about launching a Jr. NAD chapter at MSD, thus getting the jump on other Schools for the Deaf in the county. Garretson, who was in charge of the campaign to start chapters throughout the country, acknowledged MSD’s unique position.The MSD chapter of the Jr. NAD had its organizational meeting the evening of January 14, 1962, in the Student Center. The chapter was formed with 24 members of the junior and senior classes. The officers elected were Fred Gouby, President; Frankie Morris, Vice President; Joan Black, Secretary; and Gene Manion, Treasurer.A panel discussion followed featuring Supt. Harrison, Grover Farquhar, Arthur Merklin and Geno Vescovi, a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

Photo of the first Jr. NAD Chapter officers with text: First Jr. NAD chapter officers: Fred Gouby, President; Frankie Morris, Vice President; Joan Black, Secretary; and Gene Manion, Treasurer. Source: Richard Reed, Historic MSD, Ovid Bell Press, Fulton Missouri, 2000.



TEXT: MSD is the first state-sponsored deaf school established west of the Mississippi River. The arch in St. Louis recognizes Missouri as the gateway to the West. Missouri’s St. Louis Arch is the country’s tallest monument.MSD is located in Fulton, Missouri. Fulton is a small town with two colleges as well as the Missouri School for the Deaf. The sign for Fulton is “institutions”.

PHOTO: Laura Catherine Redden. TEXT: One of MSDs earliest graduates was Laura Redden, Class of 1858. She was a journalist, writer, and poet. She published articles and poetry under the pen name Howard Glyndon.

PHOTO: A group of students and administrators. Caption: This picture reflects the inspiration and pleasure which MSD students found in the February 1990 visit from I. King. Jordan and Jack Gannon. MSD history book, Fulton Sun-Gazette by Nancy O’ Connor. TEXT: Another author from MSD was Jack Gannon, Class of 1954.  He wrote Deaf Heritage and The Week the World Heard Gallaudet and many other books.

PHOTO: CJ Jones. TEXT: C.J. Jones, Class of 1969.  Mr. Jones is a comedian, actor, writer, director,  and producer. He appeared in Baby Driver, a 2017 summer blockbuster and Avatar: The Way of the Water in 2022.


PHOTO: Black and white-hot o students at their desks. TEXT: MSD closed in 1861 due to the Civil War.  Soldiers occupied the school building during the war, causing significant damage. Horses had been stabled in the KITCHEN! Because of this, windows were broken and furniture was missing or broken. It was a lot of work to get ready for students to return in 1863. 

At the World’s Fair in 1904 there was a Model School for the Deaf. Six states participated, Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, Kansas, Illinois and Utah. MSD had seven classes on exhibit in June and one in October. Teachers and students relocated to St. Louis and had their classes in The Palace of Education at the Fair. MSD won a Grand Prize and a Gold Medal for its living exhibit in the Model School.

PHOTO: MSD school building in a fire. TEXT: In 1888, there was a terrible fire that damaged the school.  It started in the tower which did not have water access. The lower floors had water access, but it couldn’t reach the tower. Everyone was safely evacuated. Lots of personal items were lost. Fulton at that time did not have a fire department, but many town folks came and helped fight the fire. They opened their homes to students and staff.

CJ Jones’ father, Clarence Jones, was also a student at MSD. In 1937, Clarence won the Central Missouri Golden Gloves Tournament championship in the 147 pound open class. CJ mentions this in his What are you…Deaf? performance which explores his complex relationship with his father.

MSD’s first mascot was a goat named Billy. This was in 1922. In 1924, the MSD athletes became Parrots. This was due to their bright green and yellow jerseys. In 1937, they became the Eagles.

PHOTO: A group of students with a goat in the middle. An illustration an eagle is placed on the bottom. 

PAGE 11: MSD Facts, Cont’D. TEXT: In 1980, MSD and Westminster College hosted Track and Field Tryouts for the 14th World Games for the Deaf USA team. The World Games for the Deaf was held in Germany in 1981. PHOTO: 1980 Track & Field poster.

Dedication of the Alice Statue was held on May 27, 1960, as part of the graduation. PHOTO: Unveiling of the Alice statue.

TEXT: MSD was not our first name.  In 1851, we were named the Asylum for the Education for Deaf and Dumb.  In 1874, the school’s name was changed to Missouri Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb.  In 1897, the school’s name was changed to Missouri School for the Deaf. PHOTO: Missouri School for the Deaf

Newel Post once stood in the foyer of the old Main Building at the foot of the grand staircase. It was put in storage after the building was razed in 1957. Woodworking Teacher Bob Morrison restored the newel post for placement in the lobby between the High School and the administration offices. PHOTO: the Newel Post. 

TEXT: A lot of the information in this Jr. NAD mag is from Historic MSD: The Story of the Missouri School for the Deaf. It was written by Richard D. Reed and published in 2000. Mr. Reed received the Alice Cogswell Award from the Laurent Clerc Center at Gallaudet University for valuable service on behalf of deaf citizens. PHOTO: Historic MSD book.

PAGE 12: HEADER TEXT: Fulton Visitors 

TEXT: Through Westminster College, Fulton has been host to some historically famous people. The John Findley Green Foundation lecture was established in 1936 as a memorial to an attorney in St. Louis who graduated from Westminster in 1884. This endowed fund makes it possible to present lectures designed to promote an understanding of economic and social problems of international concern. It further provides that “the speaker shall be a person of international reputation.” MSD was very involved in Winston Churchill’s visit. Our Superintendent, Truman Ingle, served on the planning committee.  MSD High School female students served the luncheon at Westminster. MSD students presented Churchill a gold card with the manual alphabet on it. Trevor’s grandmother, Gloria Webber, was one of the servers and gave Churchill the card. The highway patrol provided security and slept in MSD dorms.  This experience strengthened our relationship with Westminster College. Some of those lecturers include: 

PHOTOS (with captions): 1) Winston Churchill, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 2) Harry Truman, 33rd U.S. President, 3) These MSD girls served at the luncheon at the Westminster President’s residence at which President Harry Truman and former Prime Minister Winston Churchill were the honored guests, 4) Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union, 5) Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, and 6) Lech Walesa, Former President of Poland. 

PAGE 13: Fulton Facts, Con’td

TEXT: An MSD teacher, William C. Reid, was a graduate from Tuskegee College.  In 1937, he and the a public school principal invited invited George Washington Carver to Fulton to speak at the dedication of a new school named for Carver. PHOTO: George Washington Carver. 

PHOTO: Rebuilt church. TEXT: Westminster College bought St. Mary’s Church from London.  The church had been bombed during WWII.  The stones were numbered and shipped to Fulton, Missouri.  In 1969, the church was completely rebuilt with original and replacement stones.  The church itself was built in 1200s and Christopher Wren upgraded the building after the great London fire.

TEXT: Churchill’s granddaughter, Edwina Sandys, created a work of art out of pieces of the Berlin Wall.  Which is in front of St. Mary’s at Westminster College. Ronald Reagan spoke at the dedication.  MSD student, Chad Bogue presented his artwork to Reagan. PHOTOS: 1) Berlin Wall and 2) Ronald Regan.

PHOTO: 1) Tony Galbreath and 2) Helen Stephens. TEXT: Helen Stephen’s earned the nickname “Fulton Flash” as a young runner.She competed in track events at MSD. She led the United States to victory in running events at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Tony Galbreath played football for the New Orleans Saints, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New York Giants. He was part of the Giants’ Super Bowl 1986 win. He has strong ties at MSD through his family members that worked here.

PAGE 14: HEADER TEXT: People From Missouri. Photos of people and their names. In order: Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker, George Washington Carver, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Walt Disney, and Brad Pitt. TEXT: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

PAGE 15: HEADER TEXT: Missouri Facts 

TEXT: 1) Missouri gets its name from a tribe of Sioux Indians and means “people with wooden canoes.” 2) Missouri survived the continental United States’ most powerful earthquake in 1811. 3) Missouri became the 24th state in 1821. 4) The ice cream cone was born at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904. Iced tea, Dr. Pepper and cotton candy were also served for the first time at the fair. 5) The University of Missouri (MU) is the first college in the world to offer a journalism degree. Brad Pitt attended MU, majoring in Journalism. 6) In 1912, Captain Albert Berry made the first successful parachute jump from a plane that was made in St. Louis. 7) Built in 1914, the Kansas City Union Station is the second-largest working train station in the U.S. (Grand Central in New York is Number one.) 8) Kansas City has over 200 fountains, giving it the nickname The City of Fountains. The only other city with more is Rome. 9) Missouri is well known for its 6,000+ caves. 10) USA’s longest river, Mississippi, and USA’s the largest river, Missouri, runs through St. Louis.

PAGE 16: City of Fulton Missouri flyer with illustrations: MSD crest, lamps, and a MSD eagle logo. TEXT: www.visitfulton.com, Quirks and Perks of Fulton, Missouri (and surrounding areas), www.visitmo.com, Missouri School for the Deaf, William Woods University, Fulton State Hospital, Westminster College, Small Historical Town, Tight-Knit Community, Brick District, Local Events & More…” 

PAGE 17: Illustrations of sun, palm trees and a beach. TEXT: Have a GREAT Summer!

PAGE 18 (BACK PAGE): An decorative illustration of lines and blobs in dark green, light green and yellow.