Jr. NADmag Spring 2022 Issue


There are bold stripes of aqua, yellow, and pink. Illustrations of palm trees are lined up on the bottom of the layout. Text on top of the front cover: “Jr. NADmag spring 2022”There is a laptop centered with text: “California School for the Deaf Riverside (Jr. NAD logo) #JrNADVibes2022 Jr. NAD Chapter Takeover!” 

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Text on top: “Cailfornia School for the Deaf, Riverside, #JrNADVIBES2022, 2022 Jr. NAD National Conference” 

Article title “We went virtual – Here’s a recap!” Is placed in between two Jr. NAD logos. 

Text: “Written By Ty Willey

On March 16th, 2022,  Jr. NAD members and advisors across the United States attended the 2022 Jr. NAD national conference. Despite the “aww’s” of every teenager because the conference was virtual, the fine Jr. NADers of California School for the Deaf, Riverside worked so hard to radiate positive vibes through their computer screens! As the Jr. NAD members showed up via Zoom on their devices, TWO HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR PARTICIPANTS found themselves in one big virtual room – imagine all the vibes!

As the event began, our conference emcees, Daniel and Chloe, appeared on screen. They excitedly signed the conference motto of the year, #JRNADVIBES2022. “What are vibes?” Daniel asked.Chloe responded with, “a vibe is how you wake up in the morning and decide what kind of vibe you want to share.” The power of vibes! Shortly afterwards, everyone was sent to the breakout rooms to meet in small groups with their fellow JrNADers and do an icebreaker activity. Each room had 6-8 people to allow each JrNADer to meet JrNADers from other schools!

After the icebreaker activity, our keynote presenter, Arlene Ngalle-Paryani delved into her presentation on “The Purpose of Our Existence.” Through this presentation, Arlene expanded on the conference theme, describing her journey as a Black person and a Deaf woman. She emphasized how each of us can find our path while maintaining our vibes, regardless of everyone else’s pace. How true!

Then, Melissa Draganac-Hawk, the NAD President, talked about current controversial issues such as educational equality and such issues.She delivered her last speech as the President of the NAD after serving on the board for fourteen years.

As the first portion of the conference ended, JrNAD observers departed the Zoom, while the JrNAD delegates stayed to participate in a great Jr NAD tradition: the general assembly! The observers were able to follow along from YouTube!

Our Jr. NAD President, Christian Jimenez, and officers ran the general assembly, with participation of two delegates from each Jr. NAD Chapter. The meeting started with the nominations for two delegates to attend the NAD conference in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to Willie Noble from Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and Gisella Visco from CSD Riverside! After the NAD Conference delegates selection, we moved to select the conference host for the 2026 Jr. NAD Conference! New Mexico School for the Deaf (NMSD) made their bid and won! Congratulations to NMSD! Lastly,the JrNAD delegates proposed 12 different motions, which were classified into categories such as: Mental Health, Youth, Accessibility & Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. The Jr. NAD Delegates will vote on the top five motions to submit as priority motions at the NAD Conference in Florida.” 

There are two images: 1) students are in classrooms with their laptops and 2) a close up of a student participating in the Zoom break out room. 


There are two articles on this page, split in half. 

First article is titled “ The Purpose of our Existence by our Keynote Presenter: Arlene Ngalle-Paryni by Catalene Sacchetti” A photo of Caltalene is placed next to the title. 

Text: “Arlene Ngalle was keynote presenter. Her presentation was called “The Purpose of Our Existence.” She talked about her life journey and how she overcame several obstacles such as having a baby at an early age, experiencing her house being on fire, and coping with her emotional struggles. Not only was she open about her life, she shared about her own struggles and failures. Arlene reminded us that our growth is an ongoing exploration and how we can use our vibes to help our community. After her presentation, leaders had a group discussion about her presentation and how we can spread good vibes within our community, self, school, etc. In my perspective, this really impacted our leaders. After COVID-19, we forgot what leadership truly means and how community is important, not only to us, but also to keep the community alive for many more generations to come. Although the conference was virtual, it did not stop our ability to flourish as young leaders. We are super thankful for Arlene’s time and for sharing her champ vibes!” 

There are two photos: 1) a close up of Arlene smiling and 2) a screenshot of the zoom session of Arlene, Catalene and the Power Point slide. 

Second article is on the bottom with text: “Then and Now Conferences by Chloe Duarte”. A photo of Chole is placed next to the title. 

Text: “During my first year of high school, I went to the Jr. NAD National Conference in Rochester, New York. At that time.I knew we would host the conference during 2021-2022. I was overwhelmed with new experiences and excitement at the Rochester Jr NAD Conference. I had so many ideas for our conference. Then, COVID-19 happened. We were not sure if we would have a conference until I finally returned to school last fall. We decided to make the conference virtual. I was responsible for social media. I coordinated the committee to share the posts and vlogs about the conference. I chose that position because of the amazing experience I had in Rochester. I was part of the Frederick Schreiber Video project teamI collected every moment of what we learned in Rochester. It was so much fun. I was able to bring that experience to our school using a social media platform – our school’s Jr NAD Instagram. Our social media hashtag is #JrNADVibes2022.The hashtag helped spread  awareness of the Jr.NAD conference across the nation. 

I was also one of the Riverside emcees. The difference between in-person and virtual conference was huge – big time, as I have seen for myself. Based on my experience in Rochester, there were various workshops and projects where we could discuss and talk to each other. On the other hand, during our virtual conference, we couldn’t really engage with each other online. Instead, we tried our best to make it fun and be creative with our program.

Most importantly, I loved being the Social Media Coordinator. I made sure that our good vibes (brand, colors, and creativity) popped out of the screen to capture our conference participants’ attention!” 

There are two photos: 1) a screenshot of the zoom background which is a laptop with Jr. NAD logo and “#JrNADVibes2022” and 2) A group photo of two advisors and four delegates at the Rochester Jr. NAD Conference. 


Two articles are split in half pages. 

Text: “My First Conference Experience by Jaxon Rothermund” A photo of Jaxon is on the right of the article. 

Text: “School-led virtual conference experience. As one of the members of the Conference Program Book Committee, I was responsible for adding each school onto the pages of the program book. The number of schools participating in the Jr NAD Conference did not stop increasing until a couple of weeks before the day of the conference! Can you guess how many schools were involved in our virtual conference? 31 schools!!!

Was it easy to meet students in the Zoom Meeting? Not really. It was challenging for me when I tried to meet other schools’ observers and delegates in the Zoom breakout rooms. It was so awkward to introduce myself to students whom I did not know on Zoom! There were 225 participants – 62 delegates and 163 observers from all over the nation!

One challenging issue I experienced was trying to figure out where the students are from in the country. Our time zone is Pacific Standard Time Zone. We started at 8:30 am. That meant some schools from the east coast started at 11:30 am! I even met a student from Alaska! She started way earlier than 7:30 am!

However, meeting with other students in the break room was fun! We got to play a game – Two Truths and One Bluff. We shared two truths and one lie about ourselves. The observers and delegates in the breakout room would guess which one is a bluff. It was fun to get to know other people that way. Of course, I wish it was in person. It would be more fun. We might have continued our conversations with each other after the ice breaker activity, but we did not have the chance to do so because we had to return to the main screen to watch other presenters.”

There is an image of two students looking at their laptop. 

Text: “Empower our Deaf Youth of Today by Jada Zarembka” A photo of Jada is next to the title. There is another image: a screen shot of four Jr. NAD officers on Zoom screen. 

Text: “ As a CSDR Jr NAD Treasurer, I was able to join in two meetings: 1) Delegates’ Roundtable on March 9th; and 2) General Assembly on March 16th. I feel like it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. The Roundtable prepared us for the General Assembly the following week. Only delegates were allowed to attend this Roundtable meeting. Christian Jimenez, our CSDR Jr. NAD President, led the Roundtable meeting and split Delegates into four different groups to create motions. Those groups were to focus on the following categories: Mental Health, Youth, Accessibility, and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). We brainstormed three top motions for each category. It was fun meeting Jr NAD delegates from other schools. I am impressed to see how much the students care about advocating for our rights.

Lastly, I want to thank Chanel Bonheyo and Lizzie Sorkin from the NAD. When I worked with Tony Wysinger as a Registration chair, Chanel and Lizzie were behind the scenes with us for months. They allowed us to lead the conference on our own. They also were helpful with many good tips to make the best out of the Roundtable and the General Assembly. I will miss this opportunity. I hope to be a Jr NAD advisor in the future, to empower our future students to lead this kind of experience too!


There are two articles on this page. There is an image of a Zoom screen screenshot with Christian, Gisella, and Willie. Text: “ Congratulations, Gisella Visco & WIllie Noble!” A photo of Gisella is next to the article title, text: “Delegates’ Golden Opportunity by Gisella Visco” 

Text: There are no words to explain how I felt that day. As a delegate, doors of opportunities opened wide for me. During the Jr. NAD Delegate nominations,, I was so nervous to give a speech about why delegates should pick me to go to the NAD conference. Surprisingly, I started off with good vibes when I introduced myself. Even though I do not like giving speeches, I opened myself up by sharing that I will bring many great ideas and concerns to the NAD conference. I will make sure that our Deaf youth’s struggles and frustrations are shared at the conference. Even as a proud deaf person myself, you have no idea how much I am amazed to be selected as the Jr NAD delegate. It really took me out of my comfort zone! I look forward to representing the Jr NAD with Willie Noble, from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind!!” 

Text: “Behind the Scenes by Angela Martinez, Zoom Meeting Chair” A photo of Angela is on the right. 

Text: “Seeing so many people working together – presenting on the screen, handling the slides, and helping the people to see who is speaking by spotlighting the presenters – was something I thought would be fun. I practiced on Zoom features with my committee for days before the day of the conference. (Many thanks to our awesome committee for being patient with me!)  When Conference Day happened, it was really harder than I thought! I had to take care of approximately 270 people in the Zoom waiting room. They changed their username to their first name and school name. I learned to be patient with some students who had not updated their Zoom names. I also was responsible for sending students into about the 20 break rooms for icebreakers and workshop discussions. It was pretty stressful to make sure everyone had a room to attend. The cool part was seeing how my teammates were positive and cheering for me. They knew I was overwhelmed and stressed.. I must say that I am grateful for Jeannette Zarembka, our Jr. NAD Advisor, who helped me learn this new technology stuff and encouraged me to be part of this challenging experience.Her positive vibes helped me get through these stressful moments!” 

There is an image a screen shot of all Zoom screens on the bottom of the page.


Text: “Sponsors Vibing from Afar by Richard Silva” A photo of Richard is on the right. There are two photos: 1) Chloe smiling with a Jr. NAD Cake and 2) All students are eating lunch in a room. 

Text: “With generous donations from Gallaudet, Rochester Institute of Technology and Sorenson, the students were able to coordinate the Conference Swag boxes that are being sent out to all of the participants who attended the Jr NAD Conference and filled out the surveys afterwards. Considering the fact that those organizations couldn’t attend the conference, this makes their contribution more generous. We cannot think of any more words to express our gratitude. Not only that, we also have two other sponsors to recognize – Route 66 and CSDR Alumnus Association (CSDRAA).

Route 66 printed our conference shirts and CSDRAA was able to host a luncheon for our CSDR Jr NAD committee, delegates, and observers. They provided Chipotle lunch for all of us. We invited Erlinda Miller, CSDRAA President, to be our guest speaker during the lunch as she gave us an inspiring presentation about our future with CSDRAA. We sat and listened to her as we wore our conference shirts printed by Route 66 for that day. Lastly, we enjoyed our beautiful Jr NAD cupcakes made by our Feast Assistant Teacher, David Prince, and his students.” 

Text: “Being a Secretary During Round Table and General Assembly by Zoei Porter” An image of Zoei is on the right. There is a photo of Zoei on the zoom screen. 

Text: “As a rookie secretary, Jr. NAD Conference was definitely a rich experience for me. I was nervous when I met new faces at the Roundtable the week before the Conference Day. I was so surprised to feel myself relaxed and positive with delegates. I was in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion group. We discussed about LBGTQ+, Black Ingendious People of Color, and small deaf schools.

A week later, we all met again at the General Assembly. I thought it would be similar to Roundtable. I was wrong. It was so different! I was nervous to write motions and follow what the delegates were saying in the meeting without missing anyone! There was one motion that I was thrilled to see in the General Assembly. We moved that we need to prioritize and recognize small deaf schools across the nation. It felt so good for BIPOC and other students from small schools to have that attention from Jr. NAD. This was an inspiring experience for me!”


Two articles are split into half-pages. First article is titled “Leadership and Empowerment by Tony Wysinger” There are three photos: 1) a photo of Tony; 2) a photo of Tony and Jada in action – they are sitting at their desks, and 3) Tony and Jada leading the meeting in Zoom. 

Text: “ This was the second Jr NAD conference that I attended. I can say this conference was one of the RICHest and most EMPOWERING experiences! I was one of three co-chairs for this conference. My responsibility was logistics and registration. I worked closely with Jada Zarembka, Registration coordinator, for many weeks. Our advisors allowed us to take care of emailing, communicating, and making decisions on our own. I enjoyed emailing Jr NAD advisors the most because it was really good to hear from them. I was able to answer their questions to help them to be ready for the conference.

On March 2nd, Jada and I led the Advisors’ meeting. That was a good kick off to our conference. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare the advisors about our conference to share with their observers and delegates after the meeting. When the meeting started, I was so thrilled to actually see all of the advisors’ faces after having only emailed them for a long time.

To wrap this up, I want to thank our two amazing advisors – Jeannette and Erica. They helped me to be prepared and learned how to be a better communicator. Also, I want to thank our team for being an amazing committee. I love their honest opinions to make sure that our conference is top-notch!” 

A photo of Daniel is next to the second article, with text: “It’s How the Emcees Vibe! By Daniel Hernandez”. There are two photos on the right column: 1) a screenshot of Daniel and Chloe in Zoom, and 2) a medium shot of Daniel and Chloe smiling. 

Text: “It was a big honor to be an emcee for the Jr NAD Conference! I was Jr NAD President during the year when COVID-19 changed our lives. I was worried that the conference would be cancelled. I was so relieved and thrilled that our conference still was on – even though it was virtual!

Before the conference, our Jr NAD advisors, Jeannette and Erica, believed in Chloe and me. They knew that we would send good vibes out there, so they asked us to be the emcees. I never thought I would be able to do it. I was excited and became courageous to spread positive vibes in the Zoom with Chloe. We laughed together and had a good time while spreading good energy to other students. One advice I have for future emcees –during the process, find a good atmosphere and clear your head. You will pick up the good vibes and then, you are on roll! It is how we vibe!

Lastly, we send our luck and vibes to St. Mary School for the Deaf in Buffalo, New York for the 2024 Jr. NAD Conference! Long live Jr. NAD!” 


A photo collage of: 

  1. Jr. NAD Conference Committee with images of: 
  2. Conference poster with text: “Jr. NAD National Virtual Conference, Conference Program, Advisors Meeting, Wed, March 2, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM PST, Delegates Roundtable, Wed, March 9, 9 Am – 10 AM PST, Conference, Wed March 16, 9 Am – 12 PM PST, #JrNADVibes2022” 
  3. A group photo of Jr. NAD members signing thank you. 
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Text: “Special Thanks: We, the CSDR Jr. NAD Chapter, are grateful for your involvement and support during the pandemic. Chanel Bonheyo, Lizzie Sorkin, Nancy Hlibok Amann, Tammy Mitchell, Timothy Hile, James Smith, Wes Rinella, Thomas Otto Bruc, Todd, David Prince, Kyle Bayarsky, Ian Goldstein and his Feast class, Pat Downer, Mara Bowdidge, Julie Hurdiss, Edward Peigneux, Timothy Prince, Craig Salonen, IT Team, Ty Willey, Jr. NAD members, Erika Thompson.” 

Text on the bottom: “#JrNADVIBES2022”