DEBATE: The Art of Getting More of What You Want in a Democracy

The topic of the debate will be “Does technology make us more alone?” Gallaudet senior Catalina Romero will be debating in the negative and sophomore Lexi Hill will be debating in the affirmative. Gallaudet sophomore Nthabeleng Macdonald will be moderating the debate and all three participants are officers in the newly formed Debate Society at Gallaudet. Come and join us as we watch them debate!

Join us on August 20th at 3 pm on NAD Youth Programs Facebook Live.

Additional information:

[GRAPHIC DESC: The background is a gradient of pink/ purple with a transparent NAD logo in the center. Text on upper left corner: “FREE WEBINAR, Thursday August 20, 3 – 4 pm EST”. There are filtered images in order from L to R of Nthabeleng, Lexi, Catalina & Bren with text: “ModeratorNthabeleng Macdonald, Debaters Lexi Hill & Catalina Romero, Judge Dr. Brendan Stern”. Text on upper right corner: “#NADYouthSummerSeries (facebook icon) Gallaudet University & NAD Youth Programs”. On the bottom of the graphic, there is a white block with text: “DEBATE: The Art of Getting More of What You Want in a Democracy, sponsored by Gallaudet University (logo)”]