Deafhood Yoga

Today is the last day of the #NADYouthSummerSeries. We are wrapping up today with Deafhood Yoga. Remember to breathe, inhale and exhale.

VIDEO DESC/ TRANSCRIPT: Rajarajeshwari (RAJ) is on the floor. There are plants and a letterboard sign with text: “10 Years Deafhood Yoga” on the right corner of the room. RAJ: Aloha Om Namaste, my name is Rajarajeshwari with Deafhood Yoga. Anna (A7A) is sitting outside. There are trees behind Anna. A7A: Hello, my name is Anna with NAD Youth in collaboration with Deafhood Yoga. RAJ: Yoga means Union. Union of our mind, body and soul. Split video of A7A and RAJ. A7A puts her hands on abdomen. A7A and RAJ: Inhale/exhale, slow Inhale/exhale, deep Inhale/exhale, control RAJ: The benefits of breathings are many! Proper breathing supplies oxygen which is food for our brain. As a result, the distracted mind becomes more focused. The mind chatter becomes calm and the mind fog becomes clear. A7A: Upon waking up the first thing in the morning, we tend to look right away at our smartphones and see constant bad news. This causes our mind to distract and make our body tense. We do not want this. The best news is we can do self-care to relax, increase our energy level of productivity that supports our focus throughout the day. The same applies to night time, before bed, we tend to read bad news on our smartphones. We do not want this. The best news is self care and focus on getting good sleep, relaxation which is more important. Choose awareness over fear. RAJ: Hatha Sun Salutations has a total of twelve different poses in a sequence. The purpose of Sun Salutations is also to honor the sun. Daily, the sun gives us light, Vitamin-D, warmth, and energy. It is important to give gratitude to our sun. Sun Salutations has numerous of benefits. Three examples of benefits are: 1. Practicing supports us to increase our levels of awareness and energy 2. When energy is blocked within, we can unblock energy by practicing to support the energy flow. As a result our moods and emotions become more stable. 3. By moving our body, mind, and soul, we are able to improve circulation to be able to absorb more nutrients making us more centered, grounded and united. A7A: Deafhood is the daily journey of our life experience as Deaf people. We continue to protect and cherish our Sign Language and Deaf Culture as human rights. RAJ: Our mind needs the support from proper breathing, relaxation, exercising and lifestyle. As a result our mind develops the art of inner listening which is Meditation. A spit video of A7A and RAJ: *Inhaling/exhaling* Namaste Video fades to Deafhood Yoga logo.