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2021 Virtual YLC Tuition Payment

Please pay $200 by May 1, 2021 through the form below. If you cannot pay $200 by May 1st, please communicate with Chanel Bonheyo at [email protected]

The total payment is $250 (including the $50 application fee).

Full Payment Expected:

The camper and their family are ultimately responsible for full payment of tuition, despite other sources making payments (i.e. vocational rehabilitation,  charities, deaf clubs, etc.). The camper or his/her/their family will not be refunded their “deposit” payments until after the other entities have paid in full.

Any request for flexibility in payment must be communicated by April 1, 2021 to Chanel Gleicher Bonheyo, NAD Director of Youth Programs, at [email protected], and is not guaranteed for approval but subject to review by the NAD.

Full Attendance Expected:

All campers must arrive on the designated start date. The program is designed for each day to build on the day before and no days can be missed. Campers must attend all camp programming to get their YLC sweater.


The NAD YLC $250 tuition fee is not refundable except in cases of emergency, such as medical emergency (with written explanation from the physician) or death in the family (with documentation). If such emergencies occur prior to the start of camp, the tuition fee will be refunded in full. If the emergencies occur after the camp session begins, the refund will cover the number of days unattended at a rate of $5 per day.