Delegates and Observers will participate in special projects during the conference. The special projects are:

>>Jr. NAD Pitch Competition

The participants shall prepare their project to make social change through the following categories: introduction/ elevator pitch, platform presentation, on-stage interview and/or private interview. The platform presentation must meet a project with VIS (visibility, innovation, and sustainability). This event requires dedication, commitment and desire to showcase your project. Throughout the week, participants will primarily focus on the planning and preparation necessary to put on a stunning performance. Contestants must also have their platform presentation prepared in advance.

>>The Frederick C. Schreiber Roundtable/ Action Plan

The late Mr. Schreiber, a long time NAD activist and the first NAD Executive Director has been described as someone who was an action-oriented individual that left a lasting impact on the lives of Deaf individuals. Through this project, members will carry Mr. Schreiber’s legacy and will be involved in round table discussions whereas students will collaborate, discuss and ensure the effectiveness of the general meeting. In addition to overseeing what motions will reach the general meeting, students will also be involved in training on the development of Jr. NAD Action Plans that will be tailored to individual schools to maximize the potential in achieving slated goals established in the Jr. NAD general assembly.

>> ASL Entertainment Project

To further reinforce one of the core values of the NAD- American Sign Language (ASL)! The NAD has included a program that specifically showcased individual talent in ASL. Students signed up for this project will be involved in various lessons that address the creative usage of the language. From Visual Vernacular stories and on to Folk Tales in ASL, the students will, as a group and/or individually, create their own stories and share them with the audience during Jr. NAD Ambassador Program or Banquet.

>> The George W. Veditz Video Project

Looking back on George Veditz’s early efforts in the preservation of ASL, he thought of documenting sign language through video technology. In honor of Mr. Veditz’s early attempt, members involved in this project will be responsible for the creation and development of a movie that allows viewers to relive the wondrous memories they created during the conference. From the day we arrive to the day we leave, everything will be documented through means that is best experienced by the eye.

Guidelines for each project coming soon.