Nature Activities

CorpsTHAT shares ideas of what you can do outdoors!

[VIDEO DESC/ TRANSCRIPT: Sachiko is outside, by the trees. Black text on the left: “Feeling disconnected with nature?” SACHIKO: Are you feeling worried about how you can connect with nature? Well we, at CorpsTHAT, have some tips for you so you still can connect with nature and the outdoors safely! Black text: “Don’t worry” then white text pops in: “HOW?” SACHIKO: You can go for a run, walk, or bike ride, plant a garden, start composting. Or you could sit outside and have a picnic you can even do it with friends, sitting at least 6ft away! Chatting with each other from that distance. You can walk your dog while maintaining social distance. Or you can even just sit outside, eating a snack and bird watching and try to identify all the birds that fly by. Or you can get into nature photography maybe try to capture a squirrel on camera or a hummingbird and try to capture their fluttering wings on camera or you can try to identify plants you find around you or identify the flowers or trees you see around you there are lots of apps or books that you can use to identify them. Or you can go online and look up different Citizen Science Projects that you can participate in to help you connect with the nature around you so you can check those out and see what interests you! Really, there are endless activities you can do or partake in to connect with the nature in your immediate neighborhood or at a local park to stay connected with the natural outdoors! Video fades into CorpsTHAT logo end credit.]