Healthy Relationships

What is an healthy relationship? Learn more from National Deaf Therapy!

[VIDEO DESC/ TRANSCRIPT: Megan is seated, there is a hanging plant to Megan’s right. MEGAN: Healthy relationships. How do we maintain an healthy relationship? People have different perspectives on what makes a relationship healthy. I will share basic foundations that are important to make sure your relationship is healthy. Healthy communication. Being able to communicate your needs, your wants, to discuss, show respect, can handle conflicts, and being able to share feelings are signs of healthy communication. It is important because each person will know what I want and what their needs are and to support each other. Healthy boundaries are also the key to have an healthy relationship. This means I respect your needs and wants. Same goes with my boundaries. We are our own person. I am my person. You are your own person. We have our own boundaries. For instance, when there is a conflict, some people like resolve right at the moment. Some others may prefer to have the space to process and to discuss at a later time. This shows that I have my needs and they have their needs. Boundaries are established – it is important that we respect that and compromise. Back to our example, I may want to discuss now and my partner prefers to discuss later. We could compromise to meet in two hours. This way, the partner will have time to process and we can discuss when the time is right. Healthy boundaries is very important. This also means that the relationship is consensual. This shows that both partners can be in agreement and neither feels forced. I can say yes or no. My partner can say yes or no. Consent is consistent in relationships. Lastly, relationship boosters – it’s important that you do invest in your relationship, invest quality time, and invest in spending time getting to know each other. Making memories and developing rituals to maintain connection. Investing in your relationships are relationship boosters. These three tips are the basic ingredients to make a relationship healthy. Video cuts and fades to National Deaf Therapy logo.]