Healthy Online Relationships

Do you wonder how an online relationship works? National Deaf Therapy shares tips on how to have an healthy online relationship.

[VIDEO DESC/ TRANSCRIPT: Megan is seated, there is a hanging plant to Megan’s right. MEGAN: What is a healthy online relationship? The same principles apply in-person and online. You can still have connection and relationship online. I’ll share important points on how to have an healthy relationship online: First, communication is very important. You can communicate through various methods: texting, through Skype or Videophone, and apps like Marco Polo. There are many ways you can keep in touch. It’s important that you both communicate with each other. By not seeing each other can impact the trust, so communication is very important to maintain trust and build trust. This does not mean that either of you must see each other, share account information to check what the other person is doing, or to send photos for proof. These are examples of an unhealthy relationship. It’s important to have a sense of trust. If you feel worried, you can communicate with your partner that you are worried. Your partner can take the time to listen and validate or clarify your concerns. Trust. Also, it is important to have boundaries and to set realistic expectations. You can’t expect to be in touch 24/7 or every night. Every relationship is different – it is important to have boundaries and expectations. Sometimes you may need to spend time with your friends and family, this means you will need to communicate with your partner and compromise your times to connect and to maintain an healthy boundaries. Everyone’s needs are different. These are the tips to having an healthy relationship online. Video cuts and fades to National Deaf Therapy.]