Finding Solace Art

Finding Solace Art gives tips on ways to stay creative with art using the things we have at home!

[VIDEO DESC/ TRANSCRIPT: Nicole is standing outside, in front of green trees. NICOLE: Hi, my name is Nicole from FindingSolaceArt. Now, most of us are encouraged to stay home and most of our favorite summer activities are cancelled. Bored? Not sure what to do? Fret not, I have some tips you can stay creative through the summer. First, bleach tie-dye. You can use any cotton or denim fabric. Using your old clothing, sheets et cetera, wrap them in swirl or any pattern you wish with rubber bands holding them in place. Pour or spray bleach on them. Let them sit for 8 to 10 minutes. Immediately put them to wash to stop bleaching process and hang dry. Simple and easy. Second idea, canvas and tape art. On a canvas, cardboard or any surface you want painted, using masking tape to make different lines and shapes on the surface. Paint over them with watercolour, spray paint, acrylic or any colour media. Wait until they dry then take the tape off. It will look like this *SHOWS THE CANVAS*. You can hang them on the walls of your home. Third, cardboard or canvas murals! Any large surface you have, you can paint freely with all the paint or other media you have. Let the creativity flow through you. It releases your stress and reuses your cardboard! Now, with materials, you do not need to have exact materials mentioned. You can alternate between cardboard, canvas or any surfaces you have at home. If you don’t have bleach, but you have regular colour tie-dye then you can use that instead. If you prefer to have specific materials, many art supplies store offer curbside pick up where you can get the materials in a safe and no contact way. Enjoy! Video fades to black. White text appears: Show your creations on instagram #FindingSolaceCreates]