Jr. NADmag – Winter 2020 

Link: https://issuu.com/nad1880/docs/jr._nadmag_-_winter_2020__2_

FRONT PAGE (page 1)

Background: Blue background with water looking lines. 

Header: “Jr. NAD MAG” in red font with white outline. 

“We Are In This Together!” in black under the header.

Jr. NAD logo is placed in the center. 

There is a red banner with text: “Model Secondary School for the Deaf Jr. NAD Chapter Takeover”

“Winter 2020” is on the lower right corner. 

The background for the remaining pages are royal blue (unless specified). All headers are capitalized with red font and white outline. 


Header: “Table of Contents” 

All the numerical font has a glow effect. 

Text: “ 3 – MSSD Editorial Team

4 – A Message from MSSD’s Jr. NAD President 

6 – School in 2020

8 – Interview with Rodney from DeafU

9 – 2020 Election

10 – Jr. NAD Delegates Webinar

12 – #BlackLivesMatter

14 – COVID-19 Precautions


Header: “MSSD Jr. NAD Officers” 

There are two columns and three rows. 

Column 1, Row 1: A polaroid photo of Aubrie with white text: “Aubrie Bauer, President” 

Column 1, Row 2: A polaroid photo of Zora with white text: “Zora Elliott-Mendelson, Secretary”

Column 1, Row 3: A polaroid photo of Brian with white text: “Brian Kelson, Sponsor”

Column 2, Row 1: A polaroid photo of Ryan with white text: “Ryan Kennedy, Vice President” 

Column 2, Row 2: A polaroid photo of Savannah with white text: “Savannah Jones, Public Relations” 

Column 2, Row 3: A polaroid photo of Coffey with white text: “Coffey King, Editor” 


Body:  “Aloha teenagers from all over this country, Hola, I am Aubrie Bauer! I am the Jr. NAD President at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, DC. It is my fourth year as a student here already! I am seventeen, a senior, and a female. I am also here to share some advice to get through this pandemic. I hope the advice will help you, too!

I know all of us are extremely bored during quarantining. Guess what? You are not the only one because I am bored too! Here are some ideas what I usually do when I am bored… I organize my closet. I know you may find this weird, but when you finish cleaning. I promise you’ll feel GREAT! It’ll be easier for you to pick out your clothes!

If the weather allows, I go out for a bike ride! I tend to go out for a ride on my favorite trail near my home area. It is extremely satisfying. BONUS: you can also keep yourself in shape. If you’re interested, I highly recommend to download the Strava app! It’ll tell you how long you biked, your heart rate, and etc. It also motivates me to ride bike even more when I see my friends on the app riding bike everyday!

Still bored? Don’t worry because I have another idea! Bake some goods or cook dinner for your family or loved ones! Bake something you’ve never tried before. Challenge yourself with different kind of food. You may never know it’ll end up as your new favorite food! My favorite dessert that I baked was a bundle of Cheerios, marshmallows and M&M’s. It was so goooooooood, y’all! I encourage you all to bake something that is also healthy.

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Your mental health matters. I am pretty sure that this quarantine has made an impact on all of your lives. This pandemic is not easy. I want to make sure you all know that you are not alone. I am here. Your family is here. Your friends are here. We all will get through this together and tell this crazy story to our grandkids in the future!”

There is a red banner on the bottom with white text: “Aubrie Bauer, Jr. NAD President, Senior, Model Secondary School for the Deaf” with a circular photo of Aubrie smiling with two thumbs up. 

PAGE 5 (Advertisement)

Background: Green

There are six photos scattered across the flyer. 

Photo 1: Zoe signing “ILY” to the YLC crowd

Photo 2: Leaders playing steal the bacon

Photo 3: A team is huddled together 

Photo 4: A close up of George

Photo 5: All leaders waving their hands

Photo 6: A close up of PJ smiling

YLC logo is placed on upper left corner. Yellow text, centered: 2021 Youth Leadership Camp”

White text: “*Session 1: June 22 – July 12, 2021, Session 2: July 15 – August 4, 2021” 

There is a transparent black banner on the bottom with white text: “Camp Taloali, Stayton, Oregon, CAMPERS: apply by February 1, 2021, STAFF: apply by March 1, 2021, youth.nad.org/ylc” 

White text on the bottom of the flyer: “ *Session 1 is for those who have been accepted or on the waitlist for YLC 2020. If you did not apply for YLC 2020, you can apply for YLC 2021 Session 2.” 

PAGE 6 & 7 

Header: “School in 2020” 

A bold grey line is lined out under the header throughout the pages.

There are four columns with grey banners. 

Column 1: Phoenix Day School for the Deaf logo

Text: Status: Back on Campus, Zoe Abrams-Gay from Phoenix School for the Deaf, 

Q: What’s the status of returning back to school in-person? 

Zoe: Status is in person but they may change back to online.

Q: How do you feel about this school year?

Zoe: School this year sucked for real because I didn’t get to see my friends. It really gets boring, but there is less homework and I can hang out with new friends. Hopefully, next year will be better.

Q: What did you miss the most during the pre-coronavirus days that you couldn’t do today?

Zoe: All of my volleyball games were cancelled. I miss international studies. I miss the times where I got to hang out with my friends. I miss the sports events.” 

Column 2: Model Secondary School for the Deaf logo 

Text: “Status: Online, Justina Miles from Model Secondary School for the Deaf, 

“Q: What’s the status of returning back to school in-person?

Justina: MSSD announced the earliest we can go back is on April 4th, so sadly, it’s online for now.

Q: How do you feel about this school year?

Justina: I feel horrible about this school year. It was supposed to be a year of many memories and opportunities and that was crushed. Nothing was right this year.

Q: What did you miss the most during the pre-coronavirus days that you couldn’t do today?

Justina: I miss sports the most- the spirit at the gym or on the field. Fans cheering us on or trying to distract the [opponent] team. Everything about sports was amazing for us because our athletic department was getting better every year, so the spirit and connection grew. I would’ve loved to see what it was gonna be like during my senior year.”

Column 3: Iowa School for the Deaf logo 

Text: “Status: In-Person/ Online (By Choice), Kalista Nipper from Iowa School for the Deaf, 

Q: What’s the status of returning back to school in-person?

Kalista: We are currently going to school in person. We are required to wear masks to school. We do have the option to go school in person or online. 

Q: How do you feel about this school year?

Kalista:  I feel a lot different. I feel like there are more gloomy days. I’m glad to be able to play sports.

Q: What did you miss the most during the pre-coronavirus days that you couldn’t do  today?

Kalista: I miss being able to be closer with my friends, being able to hang out with them much more. I miss having school is being stable, like we are not going back to online and stuff.”

Column 4: Marie Philip School logo

Text: “Status: Hybrid (By Choice), Tyler Furzland from Marie Philip School,

Q: What’s the status of returning back to school in-person?

Tyler: I am doing school remotely right now. Our school is giving us the choice to do 100% remote or do hybrid. I chose remote.

Q: How do you feel about this school year?

Tyler: I feel pretty good about this school year mostly because it feels a lot more safe than going to school in person.

Q: What did you miss the most during the pre-coronavirus days that you couldn’t do today?

Tyler: I miss extracurricular activities and hanging out with people after school the most.”


Header: “Deaf U” 

Red banner is on the top with white text: “Rodney Burford, Cast member & former MSSD student, “Stay true to who you are, not everyone is going to like you and not everyone matters.” The banner is connected to a circular photo of Rodney. 

There are three comment boxes. 

Comment box #1 (on the left): Q: How did you get chosen as one of  the cast members for Deaf U? 

Rodney:  A friend of mine sent me a link and I auditioned. Then, I made it. 

Comment box #2 (on the right): Q: Are you considering pursuing

your career as an actor?

Rodney: Yes, I am.

Comment box #3 (on the left) Q: How did you feel about sharing 

your personal life on television? 

Rodney: I have mixed feelings about sharing my personal life on the show. I’m happy because I showed the world who I am and now more people know about me. 

There are three photos on the bottom: 

Photo 1 (on the left): Rodney in an interview during Deaf U (photo retrieved from deadline.com)

Photo 2 (centered): Columns of different color with different character. 1) Pink/ Renate with letter “D”; 2) Yellow/ Dalton with letters E & A; 3) Blue/ Cheyenna with letter F; and 4) Green/Rodney with letter “U:. (photo retrieved from @deafu_netflix instagram. 

Photo 3 (on the right): Rodney and Cheyenna are taking a welfie (photo retrieved from refinery29.com) 


Header: “2020 Election”

Text on left: “Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris” with photo of Joe and Kamala smiling at each other. 

Text on right: “Donald Trump and Michael Pence” with photo of Trump and Pence handing hands. Both photos were retrieved from theguardian.com. 

There is a grey banner with text: “The race between Joseph Biden and Donald Trump came very close. At least 161 million Americans voted this year. Biden and Harris won. The election this year was historic during the pandemic. Harris became the first Black-Asian woman to run and win as Vice President of United States. Biden also won the highest amount of voting with more than 81.2 million votes.” 

There is a infographic on the bottom (retreived from theguardian.com): Text: “Joe Biden, 306 electoral college votes, 81,282,903 votes” and a photo of Joe. On the right side, text: “Donald Trump, 232 electoral college votes, 74,223,030 votes” with a photo of Donald. 

PAGES 10 & 11

Header: “Jr. NAD Delegates Webinar”

Text: “With Annabelle, Aubrie, and Natnail”

On page 10, there are two grey banners. 

Banner #1: “How did it feel to share your experience on a live webinar?”

Banner #2: “Aubrie: I did not feel nervous because I couldn’t see anyone in the audience. It was a fun experience.

Natnail: It was astonishing to share my experience. I am glad to share my experience through live webinar where I can inspire other young people to step up and be the best they can be for our future.

Annabelle:  I felt very good about the webinar as a moderator! The conversation between my peers and I were really good for everyone to watch because I know I learned so much! I enjoyed this webinar, and I’m looking forward for more opportunities like this out there!”

A photo of Natnail and Aubrie is on the bottom.

On page 11, there is a snapshot of the Zoom webinar with Aubrie, Natnail and Annbelle. Photo caption: “Aubrie, Natnail and Annabelle in Zoom.” 

There are four grey banners. 

Banner #1: “What advice do you have for the next Jr. NAD Delegate/Moderator?”

Banner #2: “Aubrie: Read everything in the Delegate manual. Make friends with other Delegates.”

Banner #3: “Natnail: My advice is as you join the Jr.NAD, don’t hesitate. Step up your game, be loud, and believe in yourself. There is nothing in the world to stop you from being a Jr. NAD Delegate. Lastly, have fun and learn from the experience.”

Banner #4: “Annabelle: As a moderator, I would advise everyone to stay true to themselves. Pay attention very well to what others say because it WILL benefit you at some point in your life. Turn your mind and heart open fully, and interact with every one as you grow.”

PAGE 12 & 13

Header: #BlackLivesMatter

Page 12: Black Lives Matter logo is placed on the right, retrieved from: https://blacklivesmatter.com

Text: #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) is a movement to fight for freedom, liberation, and justice. Black people being killed by police officers due to the color of their skin is one of the huge issues that the BLM is fighting for. #BlackLivesMatter is not just for the United States, but all over the world. The movement was started by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. The Black Lives Matter movement officially started on February 26, 2012 when Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman. It kept going but when George Floyd was killed, the BLM movement re-ignited. It was powerful enough to make people try and change the world.

It is a movement that no one will forget.” 

A photo of the people marching on the street. Photo caption: “#BlackLivesMatter protest in Washington, D.C., photo retrieved from Conde Nast Traveler”. 

Page 13: Grey banner with red text: “What Can You Do?”” and bulleted black texts:” Donate to organizations such as BLM and Equal Justice Initiative, Support Black-owned businesses, Educate yourself and have conversations about it no matter how uncomfortable it is.” 

Photo #1: A photo of Derrick Henry wearing a suit and a mask. Photo caption: “Derrick Henry (Running Back for NFL Tennessee Titans) wearing the names of Black people that were killed. Photo retrieved from the People Magazine.” 

Photo #2: Black Lives Matter. The font is composed of names of Black people that were killed. 


Header: “COVID – 19 Precautions” 

Text: “Spread love, not germs!”

There are two infographics. 

Infographic #1: Orange background with text: “How to wear a medical mask safely, Don’ts” There are seven circle icons: 1) Do not use a ripped or damp mask; 2) Do not wear the mask only over mouth or nose; 3) Do not wear a loose mask; 4) Do not touch the front of the mask; 5) Do not remove the mask to talk to someone or do other things that would require touching the mask; 6) Do not leave your used mask within reach of others; and 7) Do not re-use the mask. 

There is a grey banner with text: “Remember that masks alone cannot protect you from COVID-19, Maintain at least 1 metre distance from others and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, even while wearing a mask.” Graphic retrieved from World Health Organization. 

Infographic #2: There are four photos of a Golden Retriever wearing masks. On upper left, the mask is under the dog’s mouth with text: “wrong”. On upper right, the mask is on the dog’s head with text: “wrong”. On lower left, the mask is under the dog’s mouth and the mouth is open with text: “wrong”. On lower right, the mask is covering the dog’s nose and mouth with text: “right”. Graphics retrieved from World Health Organization. 

There is a grey banner on the bottom with text in red: “TIPS” and text” Always wash your hands! Maintain a safe distance from others! Wear a mask when you go out! Take care of yourself!” 

PAGE 15 (advertisement)

Blue banner with teal text: “Get all the inside info!” 

There is a photo of YLC campers smiling. Text in bullets: “Jr. NAD, YLC, Webinars, Events & more!” 

Blue text, centered: “Sign Up for our Youth Programs eBlast, youth.nad.org/eblast”. 

Teal box with grey text: “Follow us on social media”. Facebook icon with text: “NAD Youth Programs” * Instagram icon with text: “@NADYouthPrograms”. Grey text is centered on the bottom: “youth.nad.org”. 

PAGE 16 (final page)

The background is blue with water like lines. There is a holiday light hanging on the top with blue, white, red and light grey colors. 

Bright green text: “Happy Holidays from MSSD Jr.NAD FamBam” 

Photos of a snowperson in a snowglobe and a snowperson are on the right.