2022 NAD YLC Summer Positions

[To safeguard the health and safety of everyone in our camp program, all staff members and campers are required to have full vaccination against the COVID-19 virus although exceptions may be considered. This policy is being implemented to prevent any possible outbreaks of COVID-19 during Youth Leadership Camp, especially since all staff and campers will need to travel to Oregon and engage in close contact during camp activities.]

Important Dates

  • Adminstrative Retreat (for Adminstrative Staff): June 17 – June 19, 2022
  • Builders Training: June 20 – June 28, 2022
  • YLC Camp: June 29 – July 24, 2022
  • Wrap Up: July 24 – June 26, 2022


Working at a camp is a real job! We call our staff members, Builders because they build leaders of our future. Our Builders will receive $1,000 for their work during the camp session.

On top of the paycheck, you will also benefit from the following:

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Network with other staff members and guest presenters
  • Learn from and interact with our diverse campers
  • Can become an internship opportunity – please contact Director of Youth Programs, Chanel Bonheyo.
  • Letter of recommendations for your future jobs
  • and most important of all, invest in our deaf youth

Summer Positions

These positions are available for 2022 NAD YLC:

Note: If you are applying as a cook or a nurse, please do fill out the application form. The video essay is not required.

Builders (Staff/ Camp Counselors)

In other words, our Builders are our camp staff/counselors. Our staff takes a critical part in our camp program. Job responsibilities include, (and not limited to):

  • Supervise campers daily and in living unit (cabins);
  • Responsible for planning, teaching, coordinating and execute activities  (you will teach a specific skill or work in a specific activity area -Outdoor Living Skills, Daily Drum, Discovery, or etc);
  • Ensure safety of camp attendees;
  • Participate and assist in all program areas as assigned;
  • Be a role model to campers and staff in your attitude and behavior;
  • Contribute to written evaluations and communications.

Qualifications:  (Minimum Education and Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

  • Fluency in American Sign Language
  • 21+ years of age preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Consent to a complete background check
  • Must be able to obtain or become certified in First Aid/CPR (if you do not have a certification, we will provide training during the Builders’ Training)
  • Experience working with youth (high school students preferred)
  • Ability to relate to youth and adults in a positive manner
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in program areas designated camp program areas

Food Service Team (Chef/ Cook)

Work with the Food Service Team in providing nutritious, well-prepared meals, which are served to all campers, staff, and guests. Specific job responsibilities include, (and not limited to):

Assist in the daily operations of the camp’s food service.

  1. Prepare and cook food as the menu indicates  utilizing frying, boiling, broiling, steaming, roasting of meat, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables, salads, soups, and gravies.
  • Prepare foods including washing and peeling
  • Bake breads, pastries, muffins, etc
  • Set up food, supplies, and utensils for dining hall distribution
    • Store food and leftovers at proper temperature

2. Assist in routine sanitation of the kitchen and related equipment.

  • Clean and maintain all food-preparation and storage area
  • Supervise the cleaning of prep, serving, and dining hall dishe
    • Reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle as indicated through the camp’s procedures.

3. Work as a member of a food service team.

  • Coordinate schedule and job tasks with other cooks, dining hall manager, and kitchen assistants
    • Assist with supervising or directing the work of the kitchen assistants

Qualifications: (Minimum Education and Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

  • Fluency in American Sign Language
  • Be 21 years or older (preferably)
  • Consent to a complete background check
  • Experience in institutional or food service setting.
  • Desire to work in the food service area.
  • Knowledge of standards of food preparation and serving, storage of food, and kitchen procedures.
  • Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds including unloading food, supplies, and equipment as needed.
  • Ability to operate kitchen equipment according to safe, recommended methods.
  • Determine cleanliness of dishes, food surfaces, and kitchen area.
  • Ability to assess condition of food.
  • Knowledge of current health and safety laws and practices is essential.
  • Knowledge of and experience in preparation of special dietary foods including vegetarian foods.
  • Knowledge of food service sanitation.
  • Must be able to obtain Oregon Food Handler’s Card.

Responsible for overseeing the health and safety of campers and staff. Specific job responsibilities include, (and not limited to):

  • Provide healthcare to meet individual needs of camp staff and campers.
  • Organize, maintain, and utilize adequate resources for serving the health and medical needs of the campers and staff.
  • Set up the camp Health Center
    • Prepare and utilize daily medical log for treatment and medications.
    • Inventory and order all necessary medical supplies and equipment.
    • Ensure staff and camper health examinations are current and on file.
    • Prepare and record insurance and accident report forms.
  • Oversee First Aid procedures and supplies.
    • Prepare and distribute first aid kits throughout camp including camp vehicles, kitchen, offices, waterfront, activity areas, out-of-camp trips.
    • Ensure supplies are well stocked and distributed as needed.
  • Screen all campers and staff who are arriving and departing camp.

Qualifications:  (Minimum Education and Experience)

  • ­Registered Nurse (RN) with a license as required by Oregon state law
  • CPR certified
  • Current first aid certification and experience in first aid and emergency management
  • Driver’s license
  • Experience in both children and adult illness/injury care
  • Desire to work with children and young adults

Online Staff Application

Applicants for builders are required to complete the online Staff application. If we do not receive all required information, online application, resume and three letters of recommendation, the applicant will not be considered for a position. You will be notified of your acceptance for the interview portion of the application process. After your interview, we will contact you with our decision.

Cover Letter & Resume

All applicants are required to submit a resume in a Microsoft Word document and save it as YLC_Staff Resume_LastName _FirstName. (ex. YLC_Staff_Resume_Gleicher_Chanel.doc). You must also submit a cover letter (saved as YLC_Staff_Cover_LastName_FirstName.doc) with answers to two out of the following questions:

  1. How can you contribute as a potential administration team or staff member, towards the overall NAD YLC program? Include your qualities and experience for  positions that you are interested in applying for.
  2. What are your overall personal and professional goal(s) and how will working at YLC help you attain these?
  3. If you are a former NAD YLC administration team/staff member and are applying for this year, please explain what were your strengths and weaknesses during your previous session as a YLC staff member? How do you plan to improve on them this summer?
Video Essay

Applicants need to submit a 1.5-2 minute video answering the question, “What type of leadership characteristics and qualities do you possess and how will they benefit NAD YLC?”  Please provide your video link in the application form.

Letters of Recommendation

New applicants need to submit three (3) letters of recommendation. The recommendations must be completed. Important Note:  Recommendation letters are not required for returning staff members.

** We look forward to receiving your staff application by March 1, 2022! **

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate and contact us at [email protected]