Self-Care Tips

Today the National Deaf Therapy shares tips to take care of ourselves during this time.

[VIDEO DESC/ TRANSCRIPT: Megan is seated, there is a hanging plant to Megan’s right. MEGAN: How you can rest and take care of yourself while things are happening with BLM, COVID-19 and many more situations? Here are different tips: New video swipes left. MEGAN: If you notice that you feel numb, probably because it’s overwhelming. Take the time to hold space for your feelings to process and honor your emotions. Perhaps, you could try journaling to see what kind of comments you have. You can explore your feelings or chat to someone to share your feelings, have a safe space to express your feelings. Be more present. New video swipes left. MEGAN: If you feel stuck or unsure, take the time to do grounding exercise or to move your body. Sometimes your body needs to move, even for 15 minutes. Do grounding exercise or drink water to stimulate your body. With that, your body will feel unstuck, then you will be able to process information, take care of yourself, be attentive, listen and be present. New video swipes left. MEGAN: If you start to feel down or feel like you have no hope, listen to some stories that will inspire you. Read. Chat with people who brings inspiration and make you feel hopeful again. New video swipes left. MEGAN: If you start to feel alone – I know it’s hard to feel connected socially during this time – join support groups, reach out to your loved ones and ask them for extra support. New video swipes left. MEGAN: Resting doesn’t mean you don’t care. Sometimes you will need to rest to take care of yourself, so you can have the fuel to be present. Video fades to National Deaf Therapy logo.]